Sharing a Room with Friends? Here’s How to Make It Hassle-Free

If you’re used to having a room all to yourself, sharing a room with your friends is certainly a life-changing experience. This can help you grow your relationship as friends to a new level, especially as you witness each other’s awesomeness and flaws. The first step is to ensure everyone is comfortable and welcome. Refer to to have your access cards copied, and distribute the copies to everyone. Read further to discover more ways to live in harmony with your friends in a single room.

  1. Duplicate the key cards.

Nothing is more annoying than waking up in the middle of the night just to open the door for one of your friends. Yes, it’s good to give each other the freedom to go in and out of the room at any time of the day. But this shouldn’t come at the expense of good sleep. So, save yourselves the hassle. Visit to have your access key cards copied.

  1. Set a weekly housemates’ meeting.

Perhaps, everyone is busy with their own work or school activities. And, you don’t want to interrupt your friends while they’re studying to call them out on some misbehaviour you’ve observed. The best solution is to set regular housemates’ meetings for everyone to discuss some common concerns. This will prep everyone accordingly that the discussion will be about your common life as housemates.

  1. Assign household chores.

Let’s face it. Even people who love to do household chores will experience burnout if they’re always the one to do the cleaning. Everyone has their own thing, schoolwork or job deadlines, and cleaning is additional work. Divide the household chores. Schedule the tasks. And, rotate the task assignments to play it fair.

  1. Set schedules for the shower.

Everyone is usually busy in the morning. By setting a shower-room schedule, everyone can adjust their time and avoid running late for school or work. This also applies for the evening showers.

  1. Decide what to share and what not to share.

Budget is an important and crucial concern for friends living together. Everyone has their own budget and financial goals. Respect the budget of your friends. Decide early on whether you’d split the expenses for the daily meals and groceries.

  1. Cultivate an environment where it’s free to communicate effectively.

Most importantly, engage everyone in your discussions. Don’t allow one of your friends to feel left out or unheard. This will only cause drama and conflict among you. As much as possible, be open to the insights of each other. Don’t hesitate to call out misbehaviour, if you see any, as this is part of your growth.

Sharing a room with your friends might be one of the decisions you can make as friends. This will help you grow as individuals. But, to enjoy this experience, it’s a must to strike a balance between respecting boundaries and being open. This might be a tough goal to achieve, but you can get there through the little ways you do on a daily basis. This means you might need to start with the basics, which is giving everyone convenient access to the room with copies of key cards from