8 Creative Themes for a Girl’s 16th Birthday

Girls have two birthdays left before their first adult party. Thus, take note: a 16th birthday should be a balance of structure and spontaneity. Don’t rely too much on programmes and themes. These are just mood boards—you can put spins or twists, whether you get an event room hire or hold a backyard party.

Here are some themes you can take as inspirations:

1. Hogwarts Dinner

Is your daughter a Harry Potter fan? Well then, a Hogwarts Dinner theme will surely make her happy. You can contact an event room hire  provider and request for a long dinner table. As for the costumes, you and her siblings can dress up as the main characters. Also, you can even hire a Voldemort and have him arrive later as a surprise. Nobody’s too old for magic or Butter Beer.

2. Apocalypse Party

Does she love “Mad Max: Fury Road”? “The Walking Dead”? No worries. You can search for a warehouse for events and decorate away! And you don’t have to worry about buying decorations. Remember, the party is about surviving an apocalypse—all you need is creativity and used (but decent-smelling) craters and pallets.

3. Dystopia Party

Does she love “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “Battle Royale”, or “Hunger Games”? Oh, the games you can think of for this type of party—your girl/s will surely run out of breath—in a good way. A quick search for Dystopian-themed party will give you ideas about the right event room hire, costumes, activities, and even music.

4. Trivia Party

If you have smart or geeky daughters, this theme is your playing field. A simple trivia quiz at your backyard and pizza will already thrill them. But you can put your own twist, of course. Give funny challenges or punishments to the group who gains the lowest score.

5. Carnival Party

We’re here to live life and put on a show. For this party, you may rent an event space and hire circus performers. The programme can even be a talent show by her closest friends. Enjoy magical entertainment and splendour while you dine together.

6. TV Show Party

With hundreds of high-quality TV series today, we’re sure there are three TV shows kids can’t help but binge-watch. For this theme, you can give them trivia quizzes or games like “Guess the Line” or “True or False”.

7. Pop Divas Cosplay Party

You know what’s exciting about this party? This is your chance to see four Britney’s and three Mariah’s compete for the “Best Diva” spot. And, of course, a Pop Divas Cosplay party wouldn’t be complete without sing-along games and Karaoke.

8. Marvel vs. DC Party

Superman or Captain America? Ironman or Batman? If you can’t decide, why not just invite them all to the party? Challenge your kid and her friends to dress up as their favourite superheroes or villains. The costumes don’t have to be spot on—there’s always room for hilarity (and funny blackmail-worthy pics).

Final Note

Keep in mind, these are only inspirations. What matters is that your daughter enjoys most of her time. Now, are you seeking event venues Brisbane has now? Visit www.lightspace.net.au now and take a look at their spaces for rent.

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